Your First Visit

Initial Consultation

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a smile and welcomed as a member of our dental family. Please turn in your completed New Patient Forms if you haven’t done so already. And then, sit back, relax and enjoy our warm and friendly atmosphere.

Dr. Ochev will have a conversation with you about your overall health, your past dental experiences, and any current dental problems you might have. He’ll share his philosophy of care with you and take the time to explain the progression and prevention of dental disease. You’ll be treated with respect as someone with distinct personal and professional needs. You can rest assured that no treatment will be performed without your consent.

Comprehensive Dental Exam

After your initial consultation, you’ll receive a thorough dental examination. Our exams evaluate your lips and cheeks, TMJ (temporo mandibular joints) and lymph nodes, the integrity of each tooth, the supporting bone and gum, as well as your bite. They include a screening for oral cancer and other pathological conditions. Find out more...

Dental X-rays

To obtain a full evaluation, dental X-rays are usually required. Please have all previously taken X-rays forwarded to our office. The need for future X-rays is considered on a case-by-case basis. Find out more...

After Your Appointment

You’ll receive a letter from us that reports our findings and explains your treatment options. Dr. Ochev will go over these findings and options with you at your next appointment.

Treatment Plan

Our primary focus is to help you achieve optimum oral health. Treatments are prioritized in order of importance, taking into account long-term goals and comprehensive care. We encourage you to ask as many questions as necessary. We want you to feel totally comfortable before moving forward.

Insurance and Payment Plans

We accept many insurance plans, specifically the ones that allow you to choose your own dentist. Please take comfort in knowing that we work hard to help you maximize your insurance benefits.

For patients who have little or no dental insurance coverage, flexible payment plans or financing programs can be arranged.

If you have questions about the extent or limitations of your dental insurance coverage, payment plans, and financing programs, please call us at +1 415-499-1717.