For us, "state-of-the-art,” means being current and up to date with the latest advances in dentistry. We consider and select innovative technology that will not only improve your oral health, but also your overall experience in our office.

Digital Charts

You won't find old-school paper charts here. Your medical records are accessed and maintained electronically, and kept securely.

Digital Impressions

Our iTero® intraoral scanner for crowns, bridges, implants, and clear aligners captures a 3D model of your teeth and gums. It's more comfortable for you than the traditional use of putty-filled impression trays because there's no mess, unpleasant taste or smell, and you can breathe and swallow as you normally would. Watch the video.

Digital X-rays

Our digital X-ray imaging system is environmentally friendly (no more film or chemicals) which means less waiting time, shorter appointments, involved co-diagnosis, and a better understanding of treatment. Find out more...

Ultra-quiet Electric Handpieces

These handpieces provide less vibration and noise than traditional drills. Not only are they quieter, but also more efficient in tooth preparation making procedures shorter and more manageable.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera introduces the latest video technologies to our service. Both you and Dr. Ochev can see detailed images of the teeth and mouth in real time, which means you're able to better understand what is happening in your mouth and review the status of your oral health.

Laser Cavity Detection

Laser cavity detection is completely safe and pain free. We glide the pen-like probe over the surface of each tooth receive instant feedback. A number scale and an alarm signals us when there are signs of hidden decay. Find out more...

Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue lasers are used for gum treatment. These lasers are more efficient, cause less discomfort, promote a faster healing time, and decrease the risk of infection, providing a better outcome. They are also used to dramatically shorten the duration of cold sores and help with tooth sensitivity.

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