Periodontal Treatment

Caused by bacteria present in plaque, periodontal disease attacks the gums and bone that support the teeth.

Characterized by red, swollen, and bleeding gums, periodontitis - or its milder form, gingivitis – often goes undiagnosed. Shockingly, four out of five people are afflicted and don’t know it. Most people are not aware of it because the condition is usually painless in the early stages.

As part of your regular check-up, you’ll receive a periodontal exam. Dr. Ochev and one of our registered dental hygienists will recommend the appropriate treatment based on the severity of the situation, such as cleanings, scaling and root planing, Arestin therapy, and surgery.

Good oral hygiene practices and regular cleanings are essential in maintaining oral health and keeping this illness under control. Why not get started with us today?